The 2026 FIFA World Cup is rapidly approaching, and it promises to be an exceptional event hosted by the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This 23rd edition of the world’s most prestigious soccer tournament is set to feature an expanded field, with these North American nations not only hosting the competition but also participating.

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2026 World Cup Qualification Secrets Revealed - You Won't Believe

Argentina, the current reigning champion, is gearing up to defend its title when the 2026 World Cup kicks off. The qualification process for this grand event has already begun, with CONMEBOL and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) leading the way. Africa will soon join them to commence their qualification journey.

The road to the 2026 World Cup will span approximately half a year before other confederations step into the fray. European teams, for instance, are still more than a year away from embarking on their quest to secure a place in the North American tournament.

Let’s break down the qualification schedules and starting dates for each confederation:

  1. South America (CONMEBOL): Qualification proceedings kicked off in September 2023, with top teams vying for coveted spots.
  2. Asia (AFC): The AFC initiated its qualification journey in October 2023, with teams from the continent battling for World Cup berths.
  3. Africa: The African qualification campaign is set to begin in November 2023, promising fierce competition to secure slots in the 2026 World Cup.
  4. North and Central America (CONCACAF): The action in this region is scheduled to start in March 2024, with teams from North and Central America striving to make it to the tournament.
  5. Oceania (OFC): Teams from Oceania will commence their qualification process in September 2024, aiming to represent their region in the global spectacle.
  6. Europe (UEFA): European nations will embark on their journey to the 2026 World Cup in North America in March 2025, ensuring a highly competitive qualification phase.

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